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How much can you save?2016-11-15T09:24:45+00:00

You could save As much as 80% on your electricity consumption. The actual amount you save will depend on your electricity usage habits and the local Country tariffs.

What is the use of seasonal charge control?2018-04-11T09:41:47+00:00

Cloudy winter days provide sufficient diffused light by which the panel will produce electricity. Optimum electrical production occurs with bright and sunny weather conditions. During a light overcast day, the modules might produce about half as much as under full sun. In grid-connected applications, the PV system works in parallel with the utility power grid. So, if electrical needs exceed the solar power output, the local utility makes up for the shortfall. Conversely, when the PV system generates more energy than the building requires, the excess power is exported to the utility grid.

Why maximise energy independence?2016-11-15T09:25:18+00:00

Through Innovative storage solutions, independence from the grid is now higher than ever before. Home solar solutions lacking energy storage typically provide up to 30% of a home’s electricity demand, depending on the season and weather conditions. With the introduction of energy storage the renewable energy produced during the day can be stored and used through the night.

Why choose energy storage?2016-11-15T09:25:47+00:00

We need a secure, reliable electricity supply 24 hours a day. We also need to make more use of renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind, to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil and gas. But, it’s not so easy to just switch over to using solar and wind for all our energy needs. The clouds pass the sun and the wind gusts fast and slow. This means that solar power and wind power are not always available when needed. The solution to this problem lies in energy storage. By storing the energy generated from solar and wind power in a reliable storage Solution, we can have access to a power supply that is available 24/7, without costing the Earth. The InCharge PowerScout Solution can be used with Solar, Wind, Grid and Diesel Generators.